Fees for Services



MAXSolutions' fees for service are as follows:




Relationship or influence marketing should be just one component of your marketing plan!  Find and nurture relationships that could, very easily, be your next Client or Customer!


Simplicity is our policy, as we concentrate on results rather than fees.  We will design your Fan page on Facebook for $250.00.  Beyond the design, we will maintain fresh and original content with text, images, and/or video as the needs of the page demand.  After the one-time payment for the design, we will maintain your content with 5-10 Facebook posts per week (an industry standard) for $300.00 per month (Jan 1, 2017).  Additionally, depending on the footprint of your business, we will incorporate additional content management such as photography and video and a variety of social media venues for more interesting and effective exposure, if applicable.(Twitter-Pinterest-Instgram, etc)


We do not require a signed contract to do business with you.  We do, however, require a 2 month notice to cancel our business arrangement.  The design fee (waived if you come on board with MAXSolutions) and first month is due upon agreement on making MAXSolutions (our design Team) an Administrator of your page.   




Our goal is simple...create and promote a "YouTube-style" video of your restaurant's signature dish that will be posted on your business Fan page, our Signature Dishes of Lancaster (Anytown) Fan page, and our YouTube and Vimeo channels, LancasterDishes.  Each video will be approximately 3-5 min. in duration.  In addition, you will be provided copy information of the video to be used at your disgresion.  Cost for production and publishing, $500.  Additional cost to Client...cost to prepare and provide signature dish for video.


We pride ourselves on being innovative, accessible and affordable and in today's business environment and economic times, those traits are paramount.